Thesis Binding

Thesis Binding

Honors Thesis Binding Instructions

Please note that all Honors Theses are archived electronically at NC Docks on the Belk Library website and therefore archival hard copies are no longer required by the Belk Library. Check with your program to see if a hard copy is still required for department archival purposes. The Library does not retain other types of undergraduate papers, such as independent studies or directed projects. Before an honors thesis is accepted for binding, the paper must be cleared by either the Honors College or the college or department where the student is receiving honors credit. The paper must conform to certain minimum standards in order to be accepted for binding. These standards include:

  • The title page must be arranged in the prescribed manner with all the pertinent information included. Theses with incomplete title pages will not be accepted for binding. It is the department’s responsibility to be sure each thesis has a complete title page before it is released and conforms to all formatting requirements.
  • The copy of the thesis sent to the library for binding should be on good quality paper. ASU watermark paper is recommended and may be purchased at the campus bookstore.
  • The thesis should have at least a one-inch margin on the left side in order to be bound properly. Charts, graphs, photographs, and other illustrations should also have adequate margins. If materials such as maps, diskettes, or audio tapes need inclusion, arrangements can be made to have special enclosures made for these items.
  • The student or his/her designee must call and make an appointment to deliver the thesis to the Honors College Office, located in Appalachian Hall.
  • The copy delivered to the Honors Programs Office for binding must be loose pages, correctly collated in a box, manila envelope, or other protective enclosure. Do not use rubber bands, paper clips, grommets, spiral binders, or any method that requires punching holes in the paper.
  • Personal copies will be paid by the student at the University Cashiers Office in the John Thomas Building. A receipt from the Cashier’s Office will be presented to the Honors Office as proof of payment for personal copies. If extra copies are to be mailed off campus and/or delivered to departments, a complete name, address, and phone number is to be provided at the time the thesis is delivered to the Honors Office.
  • Academic departments or colleges desiring extra copies of a student’s thesis may pay for these copies using their departmental budget code. Please have this budget code available for the Honors Office when the theses are delivered to the Honors Office.

Completed theses are delivered by the Honors Office to the Belk Library for binding. Binding shipments are every three to four weeks. The student will be notified when personal copies are ready. Personal copies will be picked up at the Honors Office. Belk Library will send departmental copies via campus mail.

Additional questions may be referred to the Honors College Office, 828-262- 2083.

Graduate Student Thesis and Dissertation Binding Instructions

Important: Please note that all theses and dissertations are archived electronically at NC Docks on Belk Library’s website and therefore archival hard copies are no longer required by the ASU Library and many graduate programs.


  1. Each student is responsible for having copies of his/her thesis made. All copies must be in correct page order with completed signature pages. The Graduate School does not check page order.
  2. Go to the ASU Cashier’s office, pay for all copies to be bound, and get a receipt.
  3. Bring the cashier’s receipt and the theses to be bound to the Graduate School.
  4. Provide the Graduate School and your Academic Department with your permanent mailing address and phone number. All bound copies, including your personal copies, are returned to your Academic Department after binding. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with your department to receive and distribute your personal copies.

The official Appalachian State University thesis color is black with the spine lettered in gold. Spines are lettered with the title and the author’s last name. Personal copies may be bound in other colors and do not have to be on waterbond thesis paper.

Shipments to and from the bindery and the Library occur at three to four week intervals.

The Belk Library will distribute the official copies of the thesis to department administrators and thesis committee chairs by campus mail.


Sharron Grimes, Graduate School, (828) 262-2765

Bill Pillow, University Libraries, Resource Acquisition and Management,, (828) 262-2772