Special Events Policies and Procedures

Reserve Library Spaces

Use the Special Events Request Form to request use of a library space at least 4 weeks in advance of a special event.


University Libraries at Appalachian State University special event space policies are designed to ensure library patrons have a variety of safe and welcoming spaces for research, learning, creativity, discovery and collaboration. The following policies apply to all reservable event spaces in the Libraries.

Special Event Sponsors

  • Academic, administrative units and student groups on campus must designate an individual as the “sponsor” of the special event to be held in the libraries.
  • The sponsor will be the primary contact between the campus unit hosting the event and library staff.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for all coordination with library staff related to room set-up, catering, delivering, custodial and other specialized services for their event.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for communicating the University Libraries’ room use policies and procedures to all its vendors for the special event.
  • Check the Events Calendar for availability of space or rooms.
    • Rooms include: 421, 114, Atrium, or other (must be approved by Administration if requesting other spaces not listed).  
    • If you wish to use the Programming Space, please fill out the Programming Space Form

Guidelines for Use


Spaces must be reserved in advance no less than 4 weeks prior to your event using the Special Events Request Form. Certain spaces may have different scheduling guidelines. It is recommended that sponsors include in the reservation form a 30-minute time period before a scheduled event begins, to prepare and check for layout and technology set-up, and an additional 30 minutes after the event concludes, to allow for clean up of space and catering. Sponsors are responsible for any damage to the space (broken furniture, stains, etc.) and are responsible for repairs, replacement, and/or cleaning as a result of their event.

Set Up and Use

Sponsors are responsible for setting up and cleaning of space. All service items, equipment, and food must be removed, waste collected, and areas cleaned by the sponsor of the event. Sponsors are responsible to put any event related signage on easels (do not tape or place any signage on the walls) and must remove it immediately after their event. Sponsors of events are responsible for keeping University Libraries spaces in good condition. Any additional furniture (i.e. catering tables, easels and chairs) requires prior approval by library staff before being brought into space. Sponsors are responsible for providing laptops, electrical cords, power strips, and other equipment needed for the event. It is recommended to view the space in advance to see what additional requirements may be needed before requesting room. University Libraries does not provide storage for equipment, furniture, etc. Beyond the default room set up, University Libraries staff is not able to provide any service for events, i.e., moving furniture, equipment set up and use instruction, delivery or preparation of refreshments, or cleaning up after an event. University Libraries are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Catering, Food, and Drinks

All catering and equipment deliveries for spaces within the University Libraries must be delivered by the back loading dock or in the Atrium. Sponsors must meet all deliveries, especially catering deliveries, at loading dock or Atrium and escort them to their reserved room or space. Care must be taken when bringing food through the library. Sponsors are responsible for providing all food and beverages, table service, and utensils needed for the event. University Libraries do not provide storage for catering, etc. At the conclusion of their event, sponsors are responsible for arranging for all food and drink waste to be removed from the event space and discarded. Sponsors serving alcoholic beverages are responsible for complying with all state, local, and University policies.

Additional Policy Information

Sponsors are responsible for using space in accordance with University Libraries and Appalachian State University policies and practices. Individual spaces may have additional policies. Adhere to individual room policies where applicable, including room's maximum capacity requirements. Appalachian State University Libraries reserves the right to decline or cancel any event at any time. Use of the room indicates acceptance of these policies. All library staff and faculty are authorized to enforce this policy, with the assistance of the Appalachian Police Department if necessary.