Faculty and EPA

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Staff and SPA

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The University Library at Appalachian State University offers employment to over 125 students each year in many different departments. The job descriptions of Student Assistants working in the University Library vary between a wide-range of opportunities such as: administrative duties, mail room operators, reserve processing, shelving books, assisting patrons, checking books in/out, maintaining stacks, acquisitions, cataloging, ABC delivery, Digital Media Center assistant, maintaining operational hours, servicing Special Collections areas, computer technical assistants, digital transcription, working with local databases, and other special projects. Student Assistant positions allow students to learn more about the library system while gaining a hands-on experience with the operations of libraries and the working world.

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Scholarship applications

The University Library offers a vibrant and growing opportunity for scholarship for our student employees. We are well aware that we provide employment to some of the best and brightest students our University has to offer. We love being able to honor them with our scholarship efforts.

Check back in Spring 2020 for more information.

Benefits and student development opportunities while working for the University Library:

  • Multiple job opportunities for students who desire to work and/or need income.
  • Flexible hours that work around class schedules.
  • Great atmosphere, fun people and a healthy environment.
  • Development of work skills and experience while still in college.
  • Opportunities for social interaction.
  • Leadership and mentor opportunities where responsibilities and communication skills are learned.
  • Scholarship opportunity for one of several Library Student Employee Scholarships.


Pay rate

The starting rate for student assistants is $7.25 per hour. Graduate student assistants earn $8.25 per hour.


For more information, please call or contact:

Andrea Tester




For Scholarship information, please call or contact:

Lynn Patterson