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Looking for Spotify? There are currently no institutional accounts possible for this service, only individual accounts. Spotify accounts are free, but include ads unless the user pays for an individual premium subscription.

Streaming Music

The Libraries subscribe to several streaming music databases, such as:

  • Music Online: American Music: Includes jazz, blues, gospel, ragtime, folk songs, and narratives, as well as additional material from the European-American and African-American musical tradition. Over 600,000 tracks.
  • Smithsonian Global Sound: Includes Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, as well as Folkways Records, Cook, Dyer-Bennet, Fast Folk, Monitor, Paredon and other labels. A great resource for folk and world musics.

These collections can be accessed on- or off-campus, from a computer or phone, by logging in with your App State credentials. 

CDs & Vinyl

The Music Library, located on the second floor of the Broyhill Music Center, has:

  • CDs in all musical genres
  • Vinyl records, primarily classical music
  • Record players available for checkout

You can browse in-person at the Music Library or search the catalog for the album you'd like and request that it be sent to the main library for pickup.