Request an Item

Request Service

Belk Library offers a service through the request function of the library catalog that allows eligible patrons to have books and media pulled for them and placed on our hold shelf for pickup at the library service desk. Both ASU faculty and students can use this service. Faculty also have an additional option of having items pulled for them delivered to their faculty department on campus.

How Do I Make a Request?

Follow these steps to request an item be placed on hold:

  • Find the item in the online catalog and display the full record on the screen
  • Verify that the item status is “NOT CHK’D OUT”
  • Click on the “Request” link at the top of the page (there is a red check mark next to it)
  • Enter your username/password in the left boxes, or last name and Banner ID number in the right boxes
  • Choose either “ASU Lib Service Desk” or “ASU Faculty Dept.” as your preferred pickup location
  • It is recommended to leave the “cancel if not filled by” date blank unless you will no longer need the item after a particular date.
  • Please wait until you receive an email notification before coming to the library to pick up your requested item(s).

When Will a Requested Item Be Available for Pickup?

We cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time from request to availability due to the time involved in pulling the requests, but our goal is to have a 24-hour turnaround time, Monday–Friday (excluding holidays and breaks).

Special Notes for Faculty Delivery
Terms of Delivery

Checking out items:

By using this service, you agree to have the item(s) you request checked out to your account by library staff without the need to present your ASU Faculty ID.

Method of Delivery:

Items are delivered to departments through campus mail in reusable green bags. Please check with your department’s mail delivery area to pick up your items. Bags may be returned to the library directly or by dropping them in any remote library drop box.  Please note that IMC Kits, games, and other large items cannot be sent via faculty delivery.  These items can be held at the Library Service desk to be picked up.  Because we have a limited supply of delivery bags, please return them promptly after receiving your items.

Delivery Schedule:

Items are shipped from the library throughout the day Monday through Friday. It may take a day or two for an item to reach your department after making the request, however.

Return of Items:

You are responsible for all items checked out to your account until they are processed through the library return system. Items will be checked in and cleared from your record once they are received in the library. If returning items/bags through a remote drop box, there might be a 2–3 day delay in seeing items removed from your record. All items received from remote drop are backdated to insure that no additional penalties are incurred. Please do not use campus mail to return items or bags as our agreement with the mail service does not include return mail.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thomas Main (