Scholarship of Diverse Faculty Showcase

The University Libraries would like to highlight and promote the research projects, scholarly work, and/or creative activities of diverse faculty on our campus. Studies in citational politics show that scholars from historically underrepresented communities often face more barriers in publishing, as well as, tenure and promotion. In celebrating the scholarship of App State faculty, we want to provide this opportunity to specifically highlight our faculty from these underrepresented communities.

“Citational politics are the rules, practices, beliefs, and principles by which we determine how we publicly map the genealogy of our thoughts and inspiration…[that] determine how our disciplines both value our work and evaluate us as scholars.” (Smith & Garrett-Scott, 2020, pg. 20)

wall of framed posters in Belk Library highlighting work of diverse scholars

In acknowledging that the current systems of academia favor certain identities over others, we want to help raise up and acknowledge scholars from groups who are often uncited, erased, and ignored within their disciplines. This is not to say that those within traditional identity groups do not provide valuable contributions to their fields, but to address that the systems of scholarship often operate in their favor over others.

This showcase will feature a website to display research profiles. You will also have the opportunity to have information about your research displayed in the Belk Library & Information Commons on a rotating basis.

Online Profiles

View the online scholarship profiles for diverse faculty to learn more about who they are and what research they are working on. Please note the profiles below are not representative of all of our diverse faculty on campus, but those who have chosen to participate in the showcase. If you identify as a member of an underrepresented population and would like to be a part of the showcase, you can find more details on how to participate below.

Diverse Faculty Profiles


Participation in this showcase is on an opt-in basis. Diverse is defined here as having at least one facet of your identity that intersects with historically underrepresented racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation, etc. within your discipline. For example, women are historically underrepresented within STEM fields. Black women are underrepresented within the field of anthropology, etc. This form will ask you to self-identify how you want to be represented.
If you would like to participate in our scholarship of diverse faculty showcase, please fill out the following:

Submission Form

You can expect to receive a follow-up email within one to two weeks if not sooner.


This project is being led by Breanne Crumpton, Information Literacy Librarian for Humanities, Please direct any questions you have to Breanne.