Library Student Advisory Board

The application deadline for 2021-22 has passed. Thank you for your interest, and please check back next year!


There are several benefits to joining the Dean's Library Student Advisory Board including:

  • Being an influential voice in shaping the Belk Library and Information Common services, resources, and spaces important to you and your fellow students
  • Gaining resume-worthy leadership experience and developing other resume-worthy skills, including (but not limited to) collaboration, project management, marketing, public relations, etc.
  • Sharing with Library staff concerns of highest priority to students
  • Making connections for future references and meet new friends

Board Member Responsibilities

Board members are expected to:

  1. Provide their personal input on current and new library services, spaces, resources, events and policies, including their digital experience with our website, online services, and digital collections
  2. Participate in user research projects to evaluate library services and spaces
  3. Share information about library services, resources, and events to fellow students


Service as a board member is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students of Appalachian State University. We value diversity on the board. Students are eligible to serve regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability. We aspire to include students of different classifications representing a variety of academic colleges and special populations, such as transfer, international, distance, or first-generation students. Students who are frequent users of the library as well as those new to campus or unfamiliar with the library will be included.

The University Libraries strive to be a place that allows for innovation and creativity, responsible and timely service, equitable and barrier-free access, and a space that reflects the needs and identities of our many students. The library is often a place outside of the classroom for students to come and learn, study, create, and grow. Help us make the library a better, inclusive, and diverse space for all. We need your voice.

More Information

To learn more, view our Student Advisory Board Guiding Document (PDF).

If you have any questions, contact Library Student Advisory Board Chair: Breanne Crumpton,