Technology Checkout Desk

The Technology Checkout Desk is a service desk that allows patrons to check out digital equipment and accessories for personal use. It is located on the Lower Level of the Belk Library and Information Commons, next to the main stairwell and adjacent to the Digital Media Studio. Refer to the floor plan for a detailed map of the Lower Level, as well as the Technology Checkout Desk calender (click on “Technology Checkout Desk” tab) for our updated hours.

Students, staff, and faculty have access to a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Laptops (Google Chromebook, Mac and PC)
  • Tablets (Galaxy and Surface)
  • Digital Cameras (Nikon CoolPix, Nikon DSLR, Canon Powershot)
  • Camcorders (Canon Vixia, Sony HDR-MV1)
  • Audio Recorders (Zoom H2n, Zoom H4n, Snowball and Yeti microphones)
  • Programming Tools (Arduino, Raspberry Pi kits)
  • Scientific and Graphing Calculators, Headphones, Wired Mice, Hard Drives, Wacum Drawing Tablet

See the full list and availability of these items using APPsearch (search for “asu” and limit to ASU Tech Checkout Desk under Location).

Check-out Policies and Procedures:

  • No reserves: We do not reserve equipment.
  • Returns: Equipment must be returned to the Technology Checkout Desk during open hours.
  • Renewals: No online renewals. Equipment must be returned to the desk for renewal.
  • Responsibility: You are responsible for lost equipment and peripherals.

Along with equipment for checkout, the Technology Checkout Desk is also the point of contact for these other services:

Patrons also have access to a vending machine, located on the Lower Level adjacent to the elevators, that contains items such as earbuds, batteries, USB cables, and flash drives. The vending machine accepts cash and AppCard for purchase.

Loan Periods for Digital Equipment

Digital EquipmentLoan Period
Adapter4 hours
Arduino Kit1 week
Wacom Drawing Tablet3 days
Audio Recorder Zoom H2n3 days
Scientific calculator3 days
Calculator TI-84 Plus3 days
Camcorder Canon Vixia3 days
Sphero Robot3 days
Wired Mouse3 days
Individual chargers8 hours
Yeti USB Mic3 days
Lacie Hard Drive3 days
Camcorder Sony HDR-MV13 days
Camcorder Zoom Q3HD3 days
Camera Canon Powershot3 days
Camera Nikon CoolPix L8103 days
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 and FS423 days
Camera Tripod Sony3 days
Camera Tripod Sony Mini3 days
Headphones8 hours
Chromebooks3 days
Macbook Pros8 hours
Student LCD Projector3 days
Student Projector Screen3 days
PC Laptops8 hours
Faculty LCD Projector1 week
Raspberry Pi Kit1 week
Samsung Galaxy Three2 weeks

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael O’Hara, Tech Desk Manager.