Video Recording Room


 The Belk Library Video Recording Room is located on the lower level.  The room is design for simple video recording. You will need to bring a usb drive (8gb min) and your presentation.  The recording will save as anMP4 file to your flash drive. If you need assistance editing your video file see the students at the desk.  See below for more information about the room.


 Video Room Booking

Students, faculty, and staff can checkout the room through the room booking system.


tech desk student


Bring your Appcard and flash drive to the Tech desk where

where student assistants will help you setup the room .

display mode


Display Mode

Display mode enables the television screen behind the curtain. Options are
available for mirroring screens from a PC or laptop.

curtain mode


Curtain Mode

Use the curtain as a nice backdrop for interviews and presentations.



green screen


 Green Screen

Green Screen mode enables the projection screen with a field of green.

Room Guide PDF