Makerspace FAQs

Who can use the Makerspace?

All current Appalachian State University students, faculty and staff, as well as local public school teachers. Unfortunately, alumni and community members do not have access to the space.

Can I have food in the Makerspace?

No, only drinks with closed lids are allowed in the space. This is to prevent potential damage to our furniture, equipment, and supplies.

Can I study for my classes in the Makerspace?

The space is a work area for making, not studying or homework for courses that do not have a Makerspace component. If you are creating a personal project or a class project using Makerspace equipment, you are welcome to use the space. 

What kinds of equipment are available?

We have 8 3D Printers, 3 vinyl cutters, 2 laser cutters, various electronics, two sewing machines, a few hundred die cuts and machines, laminators, comb binders, hand tools, selected power tools and more. You will find a complete list of equipment on our LibGuide.

It looks like there is a class in the Makerspace, can I still use it?

Yes! The Makerspace will always be available to those who need it during open hours. If a class or workshop is being held, it will always be on the high top tables towards the back of the space and will be designated by a sign. When these classes are in session, the sitting height tables will be available for use by regular Makerspace users.

I don’t know how to use the equipment, but I have a great idea for a project. What should I do?

Great! You have the option of coming into the makerspace and working with one of the Makerspace Assistants or you can contact Hannah Pope at to request a consultation. We can easily get you on the road to making your project!

Do you have workshops that I can attend?

Yes! We have a selection of workshops on a variety of topics that are available throughout the semester. If there is a workshop that you are interested in but are unable to attend, email Hannah Pope.