Allan Scherlen

Belk Library: Room 224
Collection Management Services
Social Sciences Librarian

Library Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and select social science resources in all formats to support undergraduate and graduate programs in the following areas: Geography and Planning, Geology, Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Military Science, Philosophy & Religion, Government and Justice Studies, Psychology; Sociology and Social Work
  • Communicate with department faculty in my subject areas about curricular and research needs and to provide them with information on library services and collection development
  • Perform research consultations and reference service for faculty and students
  • Perform library instruction for selected classes
  • Deselect materials from existing collection

University Service

  • Development & promotion of NCDOCKS, the ASU Institutional Repository for faculty scholarship
  • Member of the Sustainability Council, & Outreach Subcommittee, Committee, Feb 2012-
  • Member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), 2013-
  • Member of the Global Engagement Council, 2017-
  • Member of the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Council, 2014- 

Scholarly Interests

  • Evolving trends in scholarly communication, including, evolution of journal and other serial literature,  institutional repositories for scholarship and open access to scholarly literature
  • Collection development issues in the social sciences
  • Critical examination of social science research methods textbooks, including their information literacy & library skills content as well as their relavancy for practioners.  
  • International comparative librarianship practice
  • See publications archived in NCDOCKS.

Selected Professional Service

  • Editorial Board, Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services, April 2015-
  • Editorial Board, North Carolina Libraries, March 2008-





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