Lost & Found Policy

All library lost and found items are to be turned in at the Library Service Desk on the first floor. Every effort will be made to notify the owner. The remaining unclaimed items will be dealt with as follows:

  1. AppCards will be held for one week. If unclaimed, the cards will be taken to the AppCard Office each Friday (lower level of Trivette Hall).
  2. Valuables (e.g., jewelry, credit cards, etc.) not claimed will be turned over to University Police on a weekly basis.
  3. Toys, school supplies and other useful items will be held for one week, and then taken to charity organization or will be disposed of.
  4. Book rentals inadvertently returned to the library will be taken to ASU Campus Bookstore every Friday. The Library is not responsible for any late fees or fines associated with ASU book rentals.
  5. Books, movies, recordings, etc. will be kept for two weeks. If these items are not claimed, they will be considered library donations.
  6. Flash drives, and other electronic devices will be held for three weeks. If the items are not claimed then the electronic devices will be reformatted and kept for library use or disposed of.
  7. Medications will be held for up to three days. If the owner’s information is on the bottle, every attempt will be made to contact him or her. If no owner is found or the medication is unclaimed, then the medications will be disposed of.
  8. All other items not claimed will be disposed of properly.

Revised 6/17/16