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Derived from real human data, this range of software provides thousands of 3D anatomical structures, clinical slides, dissections, animations and much more.

The most complete, detailed and accurate 3D model of human anatomy. Our subscription includes the following:

  • Systemic Anatomy
  • Sports & Therapy: Functional Anatomy; Sports Injuries-Foot; Sports Injuries-Knee; Sports Injuries-Shoulder
  • Regional Anatomy: Head & Neck, Spine, Shoulder, Hand, Thorax, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, and Foot
  • Speech Language Pathology
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Readex AllSearch

Readex AllSearch a streamlined platform for efficiently searching across Readex's historical collections.

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American History, 1493-1945

Sourced from the Gilder Lehrman Collection, this collection of documents brings to life American history from the times of the earliest settlers until the end of World War II.

It is divided into two modules: Module 1 Settlement, Commerce, Revolution and Reform: 1493-1859 and Module 2 Civil War, Reconstruction and the Modern Era: 1860-1945. Over 60,000 primary source documents split across two modules, including correspondence, diaries, government documents, business records, books, pamphlets, newspapers, broadsides, photographs, artwork and maps. Secondary resources include chronology, essays, video lectures, and interactive features.

To see the nature and scope of the collection, go to

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Empire Online

Empire Online contains primary source documents that span five centuries, charting the story of the rise and fall of empires.

Material in Empire Online has been sourced from a wide range of reputable institutions, with a particularly strong core of documents and images from the British Library, covering the explorations of Columbus, Captain Cook, and others, right through to de-colonisation in the second half of the twentieth century and debates over American Imperialism. There is a good balance between highly indexed manuscript and full text printed material, with a broad range of document types; written by women and men from the European and non-European perspective. The Image Gallery also showcases stunning colour photographs and illustrations from the collection.

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American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965

American Consumer Culture provides a unique insight into the American consumer boom of the mid-20th century through access to market research reports and supporting documents.

The collection is a treasure trove of information on some of America’s best known brands, containing thousands of reports commissioned by advertising agencies and global businesses in a booming era for consumerism, ‘Madison Avenue’ advertising and global brands on consumer goods ranging from tobacco and broadcasting to cars and hotels. Documents from the Ernest Dichter collection are divided into Proposals, Pilot Studies, Reports, Memorandums, Letters, and Supporting Material.

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